From the Archives: Meghan and Adam | Columbus Cultural Arts Center Wedding


You might have noticed I foreshadowed it on Instagram earlier this week if you're following me there. And you'll see from the beautiful embroidery featured below that it took place almost 3 years ago.

I've been shooting (6 years) longer than I've been blogging (4 days), so I've got a lot of things I want to share. Enter the From the Archives series. In addition to sharing current work, I'll sprinkle in some of my greatest hits from the past. This way, I get to reminisce on some of my favorite times, and you get a first-hand look into how my style has evolved over the years. Win-win.

Now, on to the good stuff.

I met Meghan at my first big girl job at an ad agency in Columbus. We bonded over our mutual love of photography and when she approached me about shooting her wedding, I was so excited!

When I learned of the unique venue and non-traditional reception, I was downright thrilled.

Meghan and Adam, both Columbus artists, got married on the patio of the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and moved inside to host their combination reception and art show. They reached out to the local art community and had artists submit works inspired by love, marriage and commitment. The result is easily one of the most incredible and memorable wedding receptions I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. Add to that getting to walk around Columbus on a beautiful day for portraits and I was one happy photographer. 

Where are they now? Meghan and Adam just opened up their new gallery and studio space, Blockfort. I told you guys they were cool!

Meghan and Adam, I hope you're well! I can't wait to check out Blockfort next time I'm in Columbus!

PS: One last cool thing about this wedding — it was featured in 614 Magazine!