Shelley and Jeff | Zoar Gardens Engagement Session | Canton, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Testing... testing... is this thing on?

It's been a little while.

Let's be real. It's been a LONG while. The reasons I've been neglecting the blog are long and boring and have mostly to do with a certain clingy 2-year-old so I'll spare you the details.

But I'm back! Shelley and Jeffrey's wedding last weekend (sneak peek here) inspired me to share some favorites from their engagement session last year. Full of shenanigans and laughter (spoiler: just like their wedding day), it's sessions like this one that make me so grateful to know wonderful humans like these.

So keep scrolling for flowy-floral-dress-golden-sun-unbridled-joy-filled photos!


Golden Hour First Birthday and Family Session | Canton, Ohio

It's been cold and rainy here for the past few days, so I'm warming up with a sun-drenched first birthday and family session from earlier this summer.

Have you ever met one of those families that just... radiate light? The kind that greet you with big hugs and treat everyone like one of the gang? That's the May family. They bring their friends, family and everyone they meet SO much joy and I was so honored to capture a little bit of that spark in some photos this summer.

Even if you don't know them, I think you'll feel a little bit of that love and joy when you look at these pictures. I know I do.

Morgan and Evan | Canton, Ohio Downtown and Lakeside Engagement Session

A gorgeous bride-to-be, a man in uniform, an adorable little boy, — these are the things engagement session dreams are made of.

Morgan and Evan's engagement session was effortless, fun and unique. We started out on a rooftop, adventured around downtown Canton, then made it to Sippo Lake Park just in time for the perfect sunset. Morgan, Evan and even little Ezra were complete naturals. You can feel so much chemistry, love and excitement radiating from these photos. Looking back on them to put this post together makes me so happy and excited to photograph their wedding this weekend.

Morgan and Evan — this is the week! I can't wait to see you Saturday!