Number One

So, here we are. My first blog post. 

I've been putting this off for a long time. For a multitude of reasons. What will I say? Do I even have anything to say? Are my images good enough? Will people care? Do I have the time?

Well, the answers are: whatever I want, yes, yes, I hope so and no, but who does? 

Time is the tough one. I've never felt like there was enough time to blog. Yet I've always found the time to document other areas of my life, whether it be through cell phone photos, writing books or emails to myself, or even updating my resume. So, with much contemplation and planning, I've decided that this a journey worth documenting. Not only my own, but my clients (well friends... frients? Cliends?) have awesome stories worth sharing, too.

If you decide to stick with me, follow along or just check in periodically, you'll find my favorite images from weddings, portrait sessions and daily life. I also plan on sharing some tips and tricks, behind the scenes looks and maybe even some personal ramblings. If there's anything you want to see or that you've been wondering about, let me know and maybe it will show up here! I'm all about the team effort.

It's a step outside my comfort zone, but I think it will be fun!

Blogs without photos are boring, so here's a personal one for ya.

Blogs without photos are boring, so here's a personal one for ya.

Sending my love,